Artist Spotlight: Octopus

From the neighbourhood to playing Neighbourhood.

Formed in Manchester 2018, brothers George and Fred joined friends Joe and Rowan to create new wave indie collection: Octopus. Fusing together Post Brit-pop, shoegaze and psychedelic vibrations, they create an unmistakably unique expression to capture the attention of their ‘baggy corduroy club’ followers.

With intent to make the mundane: magic and the average: euphoric- Octopus create hopelessly hopeful music, which they pioneer in their debut single ‘Kaleidoscope’. Whilst earlier this year brought about the band’s latest release ‘Happy Today’: a multifarious melody, that antithesises its narrative of lackadaisical daily life, through intensifying basslines and peppy riffs.

Octopus have been playing gigs all over Manchester this last year and are no stranger to gathering crowds at Neighbourhood venues YES, Zombie Shack and Night People. The band are now further solidifying their stance in the Manchester music scene with every move they make, having recently interviewed for a profile with Fred Perry’s Subculture feature and hopes to boast announcements of further show dates and their return to the studio, with new music releases to follow.