Artist Spotlight: Aeris Roves

London-via-South-Yorkshire soul artist Aeris Roves (Kyle Miller) will be joining the rest of our stellar line up at Neighbourhood Festival later this year and it’s not the only great thing he’s got coming up in 2019.

Despite only breaking into the scene a short time ago, the 21-year-old has already got an impressive range of live shows under his belt. After only playing a handful of shows, he joined Billie Eilish on her European tour last year, and has since supported Take That for The Teenage Cancer Trust Show at the Royal Albert Hall in March as well.

Despite being born in Worksop, London is a key part of Aeris Roves’ music and identity. After moving to the capital at the age of ten from the small town in South Yorkshire, a quiet and secluded place in Greenwich became his place of solitude where he would write music overlooking the city by night.

Roves was brought up surrounded by music and played an avid part in his school choir, even performing at London’s O2 Arena as part of a school production before he’d even considering music a career option. After discovering his natural talent, he became immersed with the possibilities and began pursuing his passion.

Priding himself on his eclectic sounds, Roves refuses to let his music be pigeon-holed. Although he grew up on The Drifters, Roy Orbison and northern soul, his songs fuse soul and R&B with smooth vocals and the odd smattering of rap, written in the confessional style of Frank Ocean.

His debut track ‘Best Dressed Man’ was released in earlier 2018 and was swiftly followed up by the mellow ‘Feel Me’. Both of these featured on his debut mixtape Moon by Island Gardens, which is a reference to a London park where he’d often sit and write. While Roves’ songwriting is based on his own experience, his greatest talent lays in his ability to express the feeling of others. Ultimately, for him, writing music is about connecting with people on a deeper level;“It’s about establishing that connection where I write for myself but can also put myself in the shoes of someone else, have empathy, and write for them as well – emotionally, not physically.”

His latest single ‘Don’t Ask’ proves just that as the minimalistic, tranquil track is sharp in obscure yet heartfelt lyricisms. It’s proving to be a great insight into where he’ll take his sound next as fans eagerly await Moon By Island Gardens‘ follow-up collection which is expected later this year.