Artist Spotlight: Lauran Hibberd

Fuzzy indie rock songstress Lauran Hibberd will be making her debut appearance at Neighbourhood Festival this October, but she’s already been making her mark elsewhere…

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter from the Isle of Wight has been owning the radio waves with grand support from the BBC and Radio X. For example, her punkish single ‘Call Shotgun’ (which she actually wrote about a hat she found at Thorpe Park) was chosen as BBC Introducing’s track of the week on Radio 1 and received daily plays last August. Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music previously described her earlier release ‘Hunny Is This What Adults Do?’ as “a colourful animation in which Lauran’s leftfield personality spills over […] It’s uniqueness of sound is what makes this song so darned stand-out attractive.”

Hibberd began playing guitar at 14-years-old and quickly discovered the sweet voice to accompany it. This powerful combination has since lead to supporting slots for the likes of Clean Cut Kid, Jerry Williams, Bryde, Girli, Anna Burch and The Hoosiers, as well as festivals such as Glastonbury, Liverpool Sound City and Isle Of Wight Festival.

Inspired by everything from Wes Anderson’s colour palette, Phoebe Bridgers’ lyrics, Gilmore Girls, Aussie skate bands and Weezer, her sound has noticeably developed over time. Her earlier releases takes on a more soft folk edge, as tracks like ‘The House I Built When I Was Small’ and ‘Favourite Shade of Blue’ are lead by gentle acoustic melodies. However, those found on her official Spotify from 2017 onwards have seen her gravitate towards heavier indie rock that’s bursting with attitude and humour.

Finding her feet in this new genre, her personality shines through in her bold, tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are especially apparent in feminist grungy bop ‘Sugardaddy’. Instrumentally, it would have perfectly fitted in on the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging soundtrack, meanwhile the lyrics are slightly more Ghost World. On the song’s topic, she says “There’s a million love songs, but my dream is to live in a world where there’s a million songs about stuff like wanting a sugar daddy. […] I have sort of a twisted humour so at some point my brain came to this as a comical solution.” Her most recent single ‘Hoochie’ follows on this progressive narrative as she reclaims the derogatory word: “Hoochie is a 90’s slang term for a bit of a ‘loose’ woman. It’s also the name of my new hamster.” 

Hibberd is destined to be ever-growing sensation, effortlessly progressing with every release, and one you’ll regret not keeping up with.