Dip Your Toes In Sports Team’s New Single ‘Fishing’

 Everyone’s favourite erratic post-punk collective Sports Team have treated us to a hectic music video for their new single ‘Fishing’. Cutting to the chase, frontman and vocalist Alex Rice said “[I] don’t think we’ve ever actually been fishing but I imagine the high budget studio video captures all the spirit of a day at the quay.”

The song was originally released earlier this month, but now it comes fully equipped with theatrical visuals and plenty of fisheye shots. It was directed by Kris Rimmer, who worked on some of their previous videos as well as Johnny Marr’s ‘Armatopia’. Premiering on Paper yesterday, they said “the band’s absurdist yet touching lyrics is a mix of deadpan boredom and thespian-level drama”, and “it’s true that Sports Team’s unhinged sense of fun is refreshing and singular.”

The six-piece met while studying at Cambridge University and have since released a plethora of upbeat hits including ‘Kutcher’, ‘M5’ and ‘Here It Comes Again’. Speaking of their manic aura, Rice said “The songs are written to be a spectacle live. That’s where you’ve got to hear them, front row, with most of the parts played wrong. No one’s doing it better.”