Happy Birthday Coup de Grace!

1 year ago today, Miles Kane‘s third solo album was released!

This diverse album is the first since the renowned solo artist/The Last of The Shadow Puppets co-frontman’s second solo full-length Don’t Forget Who You Are in 2013. Many songs were co-written with indie singer/rapper Jamie T, such as ‘Cry On My Guitar’, ‘Cold Light of Day’ and ‘Wrong Side of Life’ as well as ‘Loaded’ which also penned with tragedy singer Lana Del Rey.

Receiving plenty of complimentary reviews, The Times rated it 4/5, and The Upcoming concluded “Overall, the record is as deep as the name, which originates from the wrestling move rather than the actual French meaning of the phrase. Coup De Grace means mercy killing, and Kane definitely killed with this album.”

Coup de Grace‘s two lead singles were transformed into a dark two-part video series. ‘Loaded’ was his first music video in four years, and shows him stumbling in the street after seemingly being beaten up, but the rest of the four-minute video shows him exploring the dark city alone with no trouble. ‘Cry on My Guitar’ is just as mysterious as he is shown running from someone, boasting some James Bond-esque tactics like smashing glass on the floor as a make-shift burglar alarm. Suddenly, Irish WWE champion and his favourite wrestler Finn Bálor appears and a fight ensues, with Kane taking quite a beating.  Bálor’s feature is even more fitting when you discover that the album is actually named after his infamous closing move in the ring. Well, they do say never meet your heroes…

He later told NME “I loved every minute making this video with my good friend and wrestling hero Finn Bálor and directing genius Brook Linder. ‘Cry on my Guitar’ is the prequel to my video ‘Loaded’, I always wanted to make videos that told a story, like a mini-series or movie.”

What’s your favourite track from Coup de Grace?