Kid Kapichi Release Sweet EP ‘Sugar Tax’

Today, alt rock collective Kid Kapichi have dropped their punchy EP Sugar Tax, which sees them progressing faster than anyone predicted.

The four-piece from East Sussex have punk undertones that resemble Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes but with a pop edge that’s helped them gain mass appeal across the board. Sugar Tax follows on from 2018’s Lucozade Dreams, and has a far more raucous feel.

Already Heard rated it 4/5, stating “Unafraid to explore and with plenty to say, Sugar Tax is everything its leading single promises. Wholly confident, from the blistering opening to its more unusual avenues, it proves Kid Kapichi have the potential to be your new rock n’ roll heroes.”

Rock Sins agree, ranking it 8/10 and adding “To think of the prowess with which this band can write on a debut release is truly exciting, and we can only hope that the plaudits they deserve come their way, and a full length is on the horizon.”

Kerrang! also add that “The posturing lyrics of opening track ‘Glitterati’ make for an undeniable earworm, while the bass-driven, dual vocal assault of ‘Revolver’ impresses, but it’s the riffy social commentary of […] ‘2019’ that works best”

Kid Kapichi have also released the music video for closing track ‘Death Dips’ which you can also check out below!