LOAstate Marked Their Debut at NBHD Festival

Although you wouldn’t have been able to tell, Manchester collective LOAstate‘s set at Deaf Institute was in fact their very first official show!

Up until now, the newcomers have been shrouded in mystery, but last weekend they were ready to introduce witnesses to an LOAstate. Albeit still staying shrouded in black hoodies, they made sure everyone in the room left knowing their name.

Still a relatively unknown entity, their first two releases, ‘Why Me Why’ and ‘Love As You Want It’ show that they’ve already forged a strong musical identity. Of course these releases made their way onto the setlist, and it really hit home how LOAstate are slowly but surely building that dedicated fanbase. The rest of the set included the as-yet-unreleased ‘Blue Skies’, ‘Same As You’ and ‘Strange’ to name a few, so keep an eye out for those future punk-fuelled hits.

Providing the soundtrack to the intense highs and dramatic lows of modernity, LOAstate balance the scales of order and chaos by creating a new world founded upon radical expression and freedom of ideas. Their revelatory lyrics and anthemic sounds are a nod to the early noughties with their free spirit and refusal to succumb to censorship propelling their messages into contemporary times.

Catch them at their debut headline show at YES (The Pink Room) on Saturday 16th November, with tickets available here!