Sinead O Brien Q&A

Introduce yourselves – tell us about you, your background, music and formation.

I’m originally from Limerick in Ireland, I met Julian on the dancefloor and bonded over unusual dance moves and music. We found a level right away. We began putting words and music together quite quickly and began playing just the two of us at first. I met Oscar through a friend who saw a parallel in the way we both worked. I was looking for a drummer and Oscar kind of landed into the picture exactly at that point-perfect timing really. It feels complete as a three piece.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Manchester or where do you aim for when visiting?

Last time we were in Manchester we loved the Northern quarter, kind of found our way up through all those streets lined with records stores, great cafes and green areas. Yeah it has such a particular feel, very gritty; I call it the Redbrick city. I’d love to discover some other parts of the city this time, maybe some more venues. Hopefully someone will take us out!

Which other artists are you going to try and check out at NBHD?

Sports Team, Fat White Family, Egyptian Blue, Phoebe Green, Drug Store Romeos, Alfie Templeman, Just Mustard.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

[My answer would have been Mark. E. Smith] Sinead O’Connor (that could be wild!), Robert Smith and maybe a classical orchestra.

Can you remember the first song you wrote when you were young? What was it called?

Yeah, me and my cousin Kevin used to put on these ‘theatrical productions’ in the bay window of my sitting room at home for the ‘adults’. We wrote this piece based around my younger brother acting as a grown up baby wearing my mom’s maternity clothes and a wig. I think it was called something like ‘BABY GETS OLD LADY BACK’. It was about revenge of the children. It went down a treat with the adults. That was more like a mini opera though, it had acts and even an interval where we served refreshments! ha

If you could have a meal with three musicians, dead or alive, who would it be?

Patti Smith for the wisdom of words, David Byrne for the humour, maybe Chopin – I might get a few tips on composition you know!

Tell us a story from your time on the road…

After supporting John Cooper Clarke we went back to the hotel we were all staying in and over the net few hours proceeded to share our love of books, swapping reference, swapping jackets (Julian!) and as a group we sang the whole Velvet Underground Loaded album over several nightcaps. It was great, John is the best conversationalist I know and such a good listener – nothing gets past him. I have a ridiculous picture with him and a massive platter of sandwiches he took back from the venue. He can make virtually anything funny, what a gift that it. It was such a great time.

What can people expect from your NBHD set?

Hard to say. We like to see how the day feels and perform in a way which feels specific to the setting. I am feeling quite high-energy though at the moment!

Plans for the rest of the year?

Lots of live shows and new releases on the way. We’re going on tour with my childhood best friends Whenyoung in Ireland in November which is going to be really special, so excited for that! Some new releases coming and going to get back into the studio to record more new work very soon. I’ve got a bunch of things I’m really keen to get down. It’s been such a fruitful few months!

Message for the fans?

Stay Pure. There are no shortcuts. Join a gang. Make something that nobody else could make. Get a racket going.