Talk Show Release Brooding New Single ‘Ankle Deep (In A Warm Glass Of Water)’

Post-punk newcomers Talk Show have just dropped their third official track ‘Ankle Deep (In A Warm Glass Of Water)’!

Frontman Harrison Swann said, “On the surface ‘Ankle Deep (In A Warm Glass Of Water)’ probably appears to be a song that’s solemn, or filled with frustration. In reality, it’s more of a collage of different situations and feelings. It fell together and wrote itself, and I suppose that’s kind of what the song ended up being about. It’s a collection of lines knitted together, that seemed to naturally make sense next to each other. For any collage to work you’ve got to recognise all the individual parts, whilst simultaneously seeing the bigger picture and ‘Ankle Deep…’ is a reflection on this.

“In the beginning, we envisioned a spaghetti western soundtrack to fit the melodramatic lyrics. Ennio Morricone was referenced a lot to build the rhythm section. We wanted to contrast ‘prettier’ guitar parts in the verses, with harsher, more driven choruses. We often lean towards artists such as Echo and the Bunnymen, and the goth stuff of the ‘80s. We wanted a bit of groove, but with some drive behind it all, and ultimately ended up somewhere between the Bunnymen and Roxy Music, with a bit of Blondie thrown in for good measure. ‘Ankle Deep…’ isn’t just black and white, there’s loads of stuff in between. Which I suppose is the only, truly accurate description for the song.”

Talk Show hail from London, and have set about bringing their own brand of twisted, poetic post punk to stages across the country with echoes of bands such as Savages, Magazine and New Order, their solemn yet infectious take is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. Their previous singles ‘Fast and Loud’ and ‘FEAR’ have been championed by the likes of NME and Far Out Magazine, with bigger things still to come…