Vaughan Releases Eloquent Electronic Single ‘Isabella’

Alt-pop newcomer Vaughan has released his brand new single ‘Isabella’; a beautiful piece speaking of his hidden identity. English singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Harvey struggled with his sexuality as a teen, and ‘Isabella’ is about the love of one girl who became the stepping stone to finally accepting who he was.

The LGBT+ artist spoke of the song’s background, saying “When I was a teenager, I forced myself to fall in love with Isabella because I had this ideal that she was my last answer to not be gay. Isabella helped me finally face who I really am and I’ll always be grateful to her for being that milestone. I’ve now learned that love comes from all places and directions and isn’t bound by physicality.”

The mellow yet empowering track is the third single taken from Vaughan’s debut EP I Am, and follows on from his previous angelic ballads ‘I Am’ (May) and ‘Living People’ (July).